Boots for the winter

Winter is one of the four seasons and it is the season where we get the cold weather, snow and icy and a shortest days. The temperature is always low and because of that, we have to be ready for this season, we need to wear warm clothes and stuff. We have not experience any bad weather here yet until last Thursday the weather get worst especially yesterday. We are having a winter storm and it is causing pretty badly right now. Many roads are close and some church services were canceling. Few weeks ago, we started to get ready for the cold season. I bought some turtleneck long sleeves, coat and pair of boots. Boots and coat are one of the important things for me for the winter. I had boots from last year but almost all of them have heels so I decided to buy boots for winter season. I looked around and found a boots I like. It's cute boots and is very nice and comfortable. I bought it for 79 bucks which is not bad and I think it was worth it because it's very comfortable.

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