Christmas & New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone! How are you guys doing after the holidays? Did you have fun? About us, we had fun and we enjoyed our Christmas celebration as well as the New Year. Christmas eve, my hubby and I went to church to attend the mass. Christmas day, we stayed at home pretty much the whole day because we had so much snow all over the place so we decided to just stay home because it's not that safe to drive but we still had fun with the kids. We were opening gifts and we had dinner together in our house. I cooked spaghetti and Beef steak Casserole.

This New Year, we went to my hubby's relatives for dinner and we also went to my friends house and waited until midnight to welcome the year 2009. So far, we enjoyed the parties. I wish this year we're going to have a happy year, healthy and full of love.

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