New blogger

My co-worker and I talked about blogging. She mentioned that her mom's blogged on her spare time, I told her that I'm a blogger too but I'm not as active anymore since I work full time and go to school full time. I told her I made money on blogging and she couldn't believe I did. She asked me how? I told her a little bit of details and she seems interested. Tonight, in FB she posted that she's now a new blogger. She's excited and happy about it. She want to do blogging for fun not just to make money. Now, I get to visit her blog. I'm excited... ;)


Bravespirit said...

That's great. Helping others with what we know is wonderful, right? Hope you can add my links here too. , and

JAM said...

I'm sorry it's been awhile, since I had a chance to visit but I surely would love to add you in my blogroll. Please add me. Thanks!!!