Belated Happy Birthday to my Grandparents

A week ago, my grandparents celebrated their birthday by having a thank you prayer in the church. The sad thing is I totally forgot their birthdays until my mom texted me. My grandpa's birthday was two days(Sept 6)ahead from my grandma's birthdate (sept 8). Gosh, I can't ever remember how old are they now but I think my grandpa is 85 and my grandma is 70 years old. Oh well, I probably call them tonight because I promise them that I would pay their coconut land so it will be back to them. It was hook 22 thousand for few years now and I thought of paying it so they'll have income from the coconut. I'm sure they'll be happy to hear that I would pay it this week. Belated Happy Birthday to my Grandpa and Grandma. Wish you'll have more years to come. We love you and miss you both. God bless!

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