Marty's Wedding

Two weeks ago we went to Seattle for my stepson's wedding. We took a whole day to attend the wedding then their reception. It was almost 7 hours drive altogether for that day. It was a formal wedding supposed to be but other visitors who attended was wearing some casual outfit instead and it turned out as semi-formal. Well the wedding was awesome as well as their reception. It was kind of family get together also. My husband's ex wife was there and me. My father in law's ex wife which is my husband's mom and his my father in law's wife. It was kind of weird for me because at the whole time in the wedding my two mother in law's are together and they're talking almost the whole time like they were close friends and even until the dinner. And my father in law was joking that we should of take a pictures of him and his two wifes and my husband's with his two wifes also. He-he

But anyway about my stepson, he has 1 year old adorable daughter named Angelique. Him and his wife been together for two years and finally decided to get married. We're happy for them because for two years they've been together, their relationship works good and being blessed to have such a cute an
d good baby. After the wedding they went to San Diego, CA for their honeymoon. Hopefully, they will be together for the rest of the lives. Best wishes for them.

By the way, here are some pictures taken at the wedding.

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