Favorite Great American Seafood Recipe

Great American Seafood Cook Off is a competition where top chefs around the nation are competing with domestic, sustainable seafood from their home state. When I first heard about it I was happy because it gives me an idea of how to cook seafood in different style. I was born and raised in the tip part of the Philippines where just a minute away from the sea water. Almost all my life I ate seafood everyday and I love it. Seafood for me has the great taste than any other food especially if it is fresh.

In my past post, I talked about this Great American Seafood Cook-off and they finally have a winner with this competition. The winner is Mississippi’s Chef John Currence. Even though I was not there personally in the competition but for all the recipes they presented Chef John Currence has the best recipe. All chefs’ that is on the competition has good dishes but of course there’s only one winner as King of American Seafood. And I like Chef John Currence recipe because I think all the ingredients in his recipe are in perfect combinations. It’s not that it sounds great but I can tell that it is very yummy. His recipe is Mississippi Redfish Courtboullion with Seafood Dirty Rice. You guys should check it out and I’m sure you will like the food.

Everyone is welcome to check out the website and see how great recipes they are presenting. And the nice thing about this is that you can vote for the recipe you like and you’ll have a chance to win a trip to New Orleans. Isn’t nice? How I wish I will be one of the winners. So, this is also your chance to win this wonderful trip to New Orleans. Check it out at greatamericanseafoodcookoff.com now and vote your favorite American Seafood Recipe.


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