Here I go again, just finished my breakfast and I'm back to the computer. My hubby cooked Apple chicken sausage and scrambled eggs with the spicy sauce in it and he sliced strawberries and put whip cream on the top. It was a good breakfast for me, different from what I'm used to cooking for him. Yesterday, he cooked fried eggs and pancakes and had blueberries for our fruit. I'm glad he cooks because I really hate cooking on the weekend but he has no choice but to cook or else he's going to be hungry. Hmmm! Anyways, I think I better get going because I still have to run to the store to buy a birthday gift for a party I'm going to today.


Carol said...

it's great that your hubby cooks. after 9 years of marriage, my hubby has not cooked a single meal, not even fried hotdogs!!!

jigs said...

hello thanks for visiting my site. did you understand it? thanks anyways take care. :d