Faith of the Heart

Most of the time my husband and I has the same taste especially about foods, shopping, home designs and what we like to do when we’re together but in terms of movies we're kinda opposite. I like action movies, true story, love story and comedy. He likes action movies but most of all Sci-fi. I’m not that crazy about science fiction movies I mean I like watching Sci-Fi but not that much. My hubby is pretty much crazy about it. He likes to watch every episode of Stargate and Startrek. He doesn’t want to miss everything on those shows. Sometimes I have to be loud to get his attention because as soon as the show starts he’s already stuck on it. He-he, I mean to distruct him sometimes when it too much and if we still have to do something. He tease me that he likes when his alone and I’m with my friends because he can watch it with nobody disturb & annoy him. lol

Everytime I hear the theme song of Startrek, Faith of the Heart in the radio or anywhere it always reminds me of him. This song is written by Diane Warren and sung by Russell Watson. My brother in law and my hubby both likes sci-fi movies but about the theme song of Startrek he’s complaining about it. He doesn’t like that song as the theme, he thinks it doesn’t fit.
Well, the song is considered as part of my life because of my husband. He likes the song and sometimes he sings this song for me even though he said he doesn’t have very good voice. This song is number one on my music list and will always be my favorite.

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