Eating Habit

I love food so much. If I will be close to our kitchen I can’t stop myself to eat. That’s one of my problems lately. I like to eat any kind of food as long as it’s not poisonous. He-he]
My lappy’s table and chair was set up by our kitchen before but I moved it to our living room because I gained about 25 lbs for almost 2 years. I was 105 when I was in the Philippines.

It’s almost two years now since I got here in the US and now I’m 130 lbs. Wheww! I felt sorry for myself for gaining that much but it’s very hard to go back on to my 105lbs. I know how to eat and gain but exercising seems too hard to do. I was trying to do some exercise but that seems not effective to me. I think I just need to do it successively and try to control my eating habit.
Well, good luck for me and let see what will happen a year from now… hehehe!

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