We’ve been getting a lot of calls from somebody we don’t even know specifically telemarketers. It’s so annoying because sometime’s while we’re sleeping, our phone rings a lot of times in the middle of the night. It always woke us up and when we answered, it is always been a wrong number. And my husband got a call from a guy and harassing him on the phone, calling him not just once but a lot of times. He was complaining from the email he got which was not my husband’s fault.
It’s an email that gives some tips, advice and ideas for their client about real estate and it is automatically sent regularly from their automotive email system but he was already been opt out but he keep bugging my husband. He’s yelling on the phone and never let my husband talk. He did that a lot of times and he’s lucky enough because we never report about him harassing us.

The reason why I talked about this because there’s a new telephone service that provides protection from receiving harassing calls, stalkers, telemarketers and any sort of unwanted caller. is what I’m talking about. Safercalls is a regular phone number that redirects to your real phone number without the caller knowing.
With one safercalls phone numbers you can do things like block private or unwanted callers, mask the caller's caller id, forward calls internationally and a lot more! They can do amazing things to meet your needs. Wow, isn’t it amazing? They are very affordable too, for only $19.99/month. And guess what? They have special offers for $9.99/month when you sign up with coupon code 760508. This is just valid until August 1. Go to
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Press Release:

Major Telephone Companies Blown Out of Water by Innovative New Player

July 15, 2008 – SaferCalls launches new service to get rid of any unwanted callers. With full control of who calls and when they call, you never have to receive harassing calls again.

Bad dates, stalkers, and telemarketers can be turned into blocked numbers in seconds by simply adding them to the block call list. They will never get through to you. SaferCalls protects you from the worst possible threat with the control you need, when you need it. Tired of bad dates, unwanted callers, and telemarketers? We're offering a special for $9.99/month when you signup with coupon code: 760508 at (Offer Valid til Aug 1).

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