Curl your hair without an iron

When I was a kid, my grandma used to curl my hair using the stem of the cassava. (I still remember it he-he) We don't have a hi-tech curler iron back then but I like it so much because it wasvery effective when it’s done, but it took so long before I can take the stem off because it won’t work if I will take it off right away. It would be nice if she has a curler iron so that she could just plug it in and it won’t take that too long for my hair to get curl.

But I found out also that you can curl your hair even if you don't have curler or curler iron. You can use the handle or barrel of your round brush and your blower.
Here are some tips to have a curly hair using the handle or barrel of your round brush.

-For Big Curls-

Roll damp hair at the crown around the barrel of your brush so that the bristles hold it in place (like a curler). Blow dry then release it.

-Soft Spirals-

Coil small sections of the hair by your face around the brush handle. Hold, then hit with hot air, and undo for loose, sexy ringlets.

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