Thanks PPP!!!

Well, well, well, I was supposedly in bed right now but I had to make my last task I grabbed from triple P. I was not expecting PPP will give me a chance to send the task I reserved this morning. I tried to submit it but then it said that the opps has been filled. I was trying making that task really quick because there was another one in my dashboard but it was not available anymore. So, I ended up wasting it but tonight I can't believe it came back and showed in my dashboard. Fortunately, I grabbed it and submit it to triple P.
I'm so thankful because triple P is so kind to me. Yesterday, I got the 3 tasks done as well as today. Isn't it nice? You earn extra money while staying at home? Even though I don't get that much on my task but I'm very happy about it. Anyway, I think it's time for me to go to bed now.


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