Staying at home

I used to go out do something fun with my friends but lately I didn’t feel like going out because of my health issues. So, I choose to do something at home instead. Playing on my lappy is what makes me keep busy right now. I don’t even bother to stand for dinner even if my butt is burning in my chair for seating too long. I spent too much time playing bejeweled and of course waiting for opps. He-he
I was supposed to go meet one of my friends today but my hubby called me and asked if I could cook halibut for dinner. So I told my friend that my husband is coming home from work and I need to cook food for him. I felt bad I wasn’t able to see her but at the same time I’m glad because every time I go with my friends, I always buy something I shouldn’t do. (wasting dada, ika nga) I’m enjoying my games anyway even if I stay at home.

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