I am just one of the music lovers in the world. When I was a kid, my two older brothers were addicts of hard rock, slow rock. & Pop music. My grandma & grandpa also are music lovers but they only sing Visayan love songs. That is why I love music. Mom & I like to sing even though my voice is not that good compare to her, I still sing anyway. He-he
I also love hard rock, slow rock, pop & most especially love songs. The reason why I’m talking about the music, it’s because of JOURNEY. I just love their songs. Their song entitled Faithfully and Open Arms, touch my heart every time I heard them. I’m just so excited to see them and watch their concert this coming September.

Their concert will be at Clark County Amphitheater, 21st of September. And guess what? That is the day after my birthday. That would be a great birthday gift for me from my honey. He is one of their million fans since then. And now that their back, we’re both happy & of course the millions of fans of Journey are very happy also.

My husband was amazed after he heard the voice of Arnel Pineda, the new lead singer of Journey. Until now, I can’t believe that Arnel Pineda is their new vocal singer. I’m so proud and most of all,
Filipinos are proud of him. Let us support our kababayan Arnel and their new album called REVELATION is already available.

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