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I had so much fun watching Viddiction videos. The humor videos are funny especially the video Here, Taste this. It reminds me of my husband. I had a video of him eating bitter melon (ampalaya). Bitter melon is one of my favorite vegetables in the Philippines. One day, I was cooking bitter melon with eggs. I tried to convince my husband to eat. He asked me about the taste; I told him it’s yummy so he tried. I can’t describe his face when he eats it because of the bitter taste. I was laughing at him. He said he will never eat them again.

Well, I would love to upload and share that video in Viddiction.
Viddiction is new user-oriented & socially-inclined website. It is a social network video upload site with a twist. They are unique and very different from the other website around.

And here’s the exciting part about Viddiction. You register for free, you can upload videos as much as you can, share and promote it to all and earn
cash for videos you upload. Do you want to know why? It’s because they have a regular monthly competition where you can earn money from your videos and their prize range from $50 to $500. Isn’t it exciting?

You just simply register to Viddiction for free and upload your videos. If your video is the most popular, you will get the reward. In short, you will be chosen base on your popularity points. They will send your earning money through Paypal. So what are you waiting for? Click
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