Ninety Kilos Lapu-lapu Fish

I took this picture a year ago when I visited my family in the Philippines. My uncle is a fisherman for years and he usually go by himself catching fish. He was the one who caught that big fish. I think that is a lapu-lapu fish but I'm not sure, maybe you guys can tell what kind of fish is that?

I remember it was an early morning the day after I got there; I was startled when I was sleeping because the kids were too noisy and I was wondering why? I thought something bad was happening outside, so I had to check on them and I saw this huge fish lying in front of our house. So I went back to my room and get my camera to take some pictures of it.

Oh man! If you were there and you saw it personally, you'll be amazed how big it was. And imagine only one person caught it! That fish weighs 90 kilos and you can really tell how heavy it was because 4 people were helping to put it into the multi-cab. My uncle said that it was very hard for him to put it into his boat because he’s alone and it was heavy, so what he did he tied and towed it. It took him longer to reach the beach because it was very heavy and his boat was not that big. It was hard for him trying to run the pump boat easily so he won’t lose it.


pchi said...


lapu-lapu ^_^

Avrianza said...

Wow its great fish ... nice post ... btw hope to see you again :)