Thanks God for the Wonderful Day!!!

It's 9:30 in the evening but when I looked out our window the beautiful blue sky with the sunset still bright and it looks so nice and pretty. I feel so relaxed after my long day today. This late sunset amazed me when I got here in the US because I didn't experience having a late sunset like this in the Philippines. The sunset is at 5 PM over there not 9 o clock in the evening. I know this late sunset only happens in the summer here in the US but it's just so nice having late sunset because you can take your time doing things outside with the sun because it won't be dark until 9 in the evening.

Anyway, my day went very well although I was tired earlier because I did a general cleaning in our house. And I made 3 tasks today so I was pretty busy after that. I was waiting PPP like forever because they were not giving that much in the past few days. I was nothing but I got the minimum today. Oh well, I just hope they will give again tomorrow and I hope they will approve my opps soon enough. he-he

I am thankful to God for everything, to my cousin for buzzing me when there was opps appeared in her dashboard and to PPP for giving opps today.

Thanks God for the Wonderful Day and Goodnight to all!!!

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