Ticket for Journey's Concert

Well, I posted earlier about Journey's concert this September. I wanted to go for that concert really bad but when I tried to check earlier at the Ticketmaster about their concert they're almost full, it's pretty booked up. They have some tickets left but for the very end & lawn. I was very sad because I don't think I can make it. But wait a minute! My husband is being silly. I told him I checked online for the ticket of Journey's Concert but then they don't have good spot anymore to buy. I told him I want to try to get the best among the left over spot. He told me, you don't want to buy anymore because I already bought it. Duh! He's a bu*t, surprising me like that after being worried and very sad. He said he got it like 3 weeks ago. I thank him so much for doing that though because that is one of my greatest wish for my birthday. He's so sweet! Now, I feel like I can't sleep thinking that I will be going to the Concert of Journey. Yeheey!

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