Sinus & Allergy Relief

My husband searched online about allergy medicine, we remember about the neti pot so he tried to look it at and found out about the SINUS RINSE. My allergies are getting worse so we decided to buy it. I don’t have this allergy last year and my friend has it, she told me that the cause is pollen, and sure enough that is what I have right now. They said you won’t get this occasional allergy until you’ll live here for over a year or two. She’s having injection every week but I don’t like having injection. It seems like she’s high after having injection, it’s from her medicine but she felt better though. Like what I said in my past post I’d used the white flower I have from the Philippines. Well, it does help a little bit but my allergies keep coming back and it is really disturbing. The weird thing is that it always attacks me when I’m sleeping and it woke me up every morning, I kept sneezing continuously but I get better in the afternoon (very weird). We bought Neil Med Sinus Rinse earlier. Three months ago, my mother in law & my sister in laws told me about the Neti Pot, they said it does heals up their allergy or sinuses but I didn’t buy it right away since my doctor prescribed me with the nasal spray. Well, that nasal spray didn’t help me at all. This Sinus Rinse we got is supposed to be much better than Neti Pot as they called. My husband searched about it this morning.

Here are the allergies and Sinus Symptoms; Nasal allergies & Dryness, Sinus Pressure & Nasal Stuffiness, Nasal Symptoms from flu or cold, Nasal irritation from occupational dust, fumes, animal dander, grass, pollen, smoke & house dust and Post Nasal Drip & Nasal Congestion.

I hope this Sinus Rinse Kit will works for me. And if you guys have a problem with allergies and if it gets worse like what I have, just try this and it might helps you. This stuff has direction for you to follow but be sure to call your doctor first before applying anything like this especially if you had ear surgery in the past or else you have ear infection.

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Lyn said...

i posted the neti pot on my blog last month it really does work too. sure i can add you to my links. i do a lot of natural stuff and we have been using it for years . you will love it!