Travel Tips

If you are going for a vacation or do some travelling this summer and you you’re going to fly for your destination, here are some tips for you:

A. Plan your trip very well. If you are going to travel for longer trips, call or go to your doctor and he/she may be able to give you medicine so you can get a better sleep in the airplane.

B. Aside from clothes, pack nick pillow, earplugs, eye cover to help you sleep on your flights.

C. Before you zip your carry on bag or luggages at home, double check them carefully. Be sure you didn’t pack any things that are not allowed for you to take, examples are pocket knives, scissors, gel, lighter and matches. Be sure to leave all these things at home, these may cause problems when security checks.

D. Pack foods in your carry on luggage because you may not get any food in your flight. If you have food you can eat whenever you want especially between your flights.

E. Wear comfortable shoes that are easy to remove when you go through airport security check. This will help yourself be comfortable the whole time while you’re in the plane.

F. Limit or don’t drink caffeine or alcohol instead drink a lot of water to limit dehydration. The dry air on airplanes makes it easy to get dehydrated.

G. Change your sleep schedule. If you arrive at your destination during the day, try not to sleep until nighttime. This helps your body adjust better to your new time zone.

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