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Two years have passed since my grandma suffered from and was diagnosed with diabetes. It started in just a tiny cut in her right leg. She was just ignoring it thinking that she will be fine. After a few days, she realized that her leg was swelling and getting infected. She then took over the counter medicine expecting that her leg will get better but it didn’t. It got worse and worse. It was later when we found out about it. Unfortunately we didn’t live close to their house.

We decided to take her to the hospital and the doctor told us that it was already too late and that they needed to cut her leg off before it’s too late. Knowing about her situation was a big tragedy for me. It broke my heart really bad plus my grandpa was sick at that time too. She had her operation and she walks using only one leg and crutches. I wish I was able to help her before it happened. But nowadays it is possible to help our love ones who are suffering with killer diseases. We now have the opportunity to help someone with a bad disease.

C'elle's exclusive and revolutionary stem cell technology empowers women to safely and easily collect non-controversial, potentially life-saving stem cells found in menstrual blood. Scientific study of C'elle stem cells was recently published in the prestigious Journal of Cell Transplantation. C'elle menstrual stem cells have demonstrated the ability to differentiate into other cell types such as heart muscle, cartilage, nerve and bone stem cells.
This translates into the potential for future therapeutic developments to possibly treat major diseases like diabetes, heart disease, stroke, MS, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's; as well as possible cosmeceutical applications like anti-aging and wound-healing. Menstrual stem cells are a 100% match for the woman donor and may possibly match her first degree relatives.

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