SWEET Home Blogger Award

“SWEET Home Blogger Award” For Sharing, Beauty, Love and Joy!

Finally, I got an award for being sweet ( charing, lol) from a sweet girl I've known since I was a kid. My cousin Retche, yeheyy! Thank you che for this. ;-) And also I wanted to thank Joy for giving me the same award as Retche's did. ( humirit he-he) You girls are sweet!

I want to pass this tag to Retchel, Jhona, Naomi, Mrs. Tee, & Aimee.


haze said...

Hi thanks for stopping by. I'm glad to visited you back...will sure add you. I love this music the star trek enterprise theme song. Ohh, it's my favourite song you know. Nice to meet you!

joytoy said...

hi visiting u here