DepositNow! Use your PC & Scanner

Not too long ago, we were amaze about computer because it can do almost everything and it helps us a lot, conveniently specially banking. But can you believe that there is a new technology that lets you deposit checks electronically with a scanner and an ordinary PC? Isn’t it unbelievable? But yes, it is true. Hardly anyone knows this technology exists. DepositNow made it possible for you.

DepositNow is a wholly owned division of BankServ, the makers of a new technology that lets you makes bank deposit online. You can do this using an ordinary computer. Just pass a check or money order through a scanner, and transmit it to the bank electronically, without even leaving your home or office. See how convenient it is?
You don't need to go to the bank to make a deposit and you don't need to change banks or open a new account because this technology can be used with any bank account in the U.S. This would be particularly appealing to online businesses and eBay PowerSellers, although any business that handles checks can use it.

A lot of people are turned off because check scanners often cost several hundred dollars, and can't read anything except checks. But now that’s not a problem anymore because has developed this amazing
scanner that also works as a regular scanner and the good news is they’re offering for half the price ($225). You can also sign up for their online deposit service online deposit service with promo code or visit for additional information.

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