Taste of Asia

My plate
My husband was complaining about me when he got home from work yesterday. He said I don’t have time with him but I do only with my blogging stuff. He said he’s amaze because I don’t go out anymore while before he won’t see me that much because I always go somewhere with my friends. My hubby's plate
He told me, he wants to go somewhere with me and so I asked him if we can eat. And I want to eat something that is easy and ready to eat. So, we went to the Taste of Asia last night. Taste of Asia is a Chinese Buffet Restaurant here in Vancouver. They have a lot of food in there; they have seafood, meat with vegetables, salads, and desserts. They recently awarded as one of the top 100 Chinese Buffet Restaurant in the country.My hot chili & sour soup
I love to eat at chinese buffet because I can choose whatever I want but sometimes I eat too much and it made me sick. But last night I was fine because I had to control myself since I gained too much weight lately. I had 2 little bowl hot chili and sour soup though because I love there hot chili & sour soup.

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Keith said...

Salamat. I am in the Pacific Time Zone.... It is so rare to read blogs from my own part of the world...

The Chinese buffet seems wonderful. I thank you for sharing.