Screen shot

Last week, my cousin asked me if I already know how to do a screen shots, I told her I don't. So that time I thought that was interesting because I don't know how to do screen shot yet. I am very curious of doing something like that over the computer especially if I don't know how to do it. I didn't learn it from school maybe because I was absent when our teacher taught us how or else my mind was totally absent. he-he

Anyway, I tried to do copy pasting and didn't work. I tried to search how and found out that it's very simple or easy to do. And here, I decided to post it & showing how it turns out. I'm happy because I think I did it right, hmm! ;-)

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The Islander said...

is it the usual print screen copy and then paste to ms paint? or there is something else to do the screen shooting? then please tell me too. hehe