Went to my friends house

Just go home a little bit ago from my friends house. She invited me to have lunch today. Since I haven't been able to hang out with them for over two weeks now so I decided to go. I felt bad we had a little confrontation the other night because I haven't call them and didn't call me too for 2 weeks. I was not mad at all or anything. I just thought they were busy or they're on vacation. Last Saturday I called one of my friends and asked how is she. She said she's fine and she told me to meet her at the mall. I went there and she's acting like she's upset with me so that night we talked online. We had a little drama over it because she's upset and I kinda upset too. They just thought I don't want them to be my friends anymore and there's no reason for that. So today when she called me to have lunch I was very excited but I don't have my car because our other car is in the repair shop so my hubby drive my car. She's so sweet because she decided to pick me up and bring me back home and she's the one who cooked for our lunch. I am happy and really blessed to have a friends like them.

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