Green Tea

Aside from coffee drinker I am also a green tea drinker. I drink green tea sometimes only when I was in the Philippines because my Aunt in Australia always sent us some packages with some goodies and green teas. She's the one who convinced me to drink green tea everyday. At first, I don’t like the taste of it because it has the herbal smell that is similar to the smell of my grandma’s herbal leaves in the warm water. She always does that when we have fever but most of the times it works for my fever. I bet you guys know what I’m talking about, warm water with the herb Buena and guava leaves in the glass. But anyway, when I got here I drink tea regularly and as what I've learned that regular green tea drinkers may have lower chances of heart disease.

These are the benefits of green tea:
A. Anti-oxidant- this anti-oxidant, oxidize fat and eliminate free radicals
B. Heart Health – It improves cardiovascular function
C. Lose weight - It Increases your metabolism or thermo genesis
D. Cholesterol Support – It helps you to Normalize Cholesterol Levels
E. Fight Fatigue & Increase Energy


Anonymous said...

hi there! jam, thanks for visiting my site. i can't leave amessage in your shoutbox, so i am leaving a comment instead. have a nice day friend! :)

Kgraham said...

Hi - found your blog wandering... I felt the same way about green tea - the taste takes some getting used to... It has tons of good for you stuff though!