I'm Craving

I'm craving of Pandesal today. After my friend Alice made the Pandesal last time we had a party now I am craving of her Pandesal, it was yummy! For those who, don’t have any idea of what Pandesal is? I will tell what it is. Pandesal is the most popular yeast-raised bread in the Philippines.
Pandesal is from a Spanish word Pan de Sal, which is considered as Pandesal in the Philippines and Salt bread in English. It is a bread made of flour, eggs, lard, yeast, sugar, and salt. It is a kind of bread which Pinoy’s loves to eat in the morning or let say it is the bread of choice for most Pinoy in the morning and even noon and night. Filipinos loves to eat Pandesal when it still warm because of its soft, little bit of crisp & powdery texture. When it gets cold it’s not that great but still ok.
Pinoy also loves to eat it with hot chocolate or coffee to share with or sometimes coffee. They usually dip the Pandesal in their hot chocolate or coffee and eat it but then drink the hot chocolarte ot coffee afterwards. He-he sounds strange but that’s how Pinoy is in terms of coffee with bread. I love to do that also. And you can also eat it with a little bit of butter or jam. So yummy!!! Hmm, I hope my friend will make Pandesal soon. He-he!


Anonymous said...

hala kalami sa pandesal sis!gelaway ko ana!morag dugay na jud kaayo ko wla kakaon og pandesal.wala man na dinhe sa amoa oi!

JAM said...

Lami lage kaayo oi..Naghinam hinam jud ko. Gusto ko mokaon... hehe

Enday said...


sarap ng pandesal..
tas may palamang mantikilya o kaya dairy cream..

hmm..yum yum!