My 2nd day of July!

What a day! My allergies attacking me again today, irritating & felt like it's killing me. I didn't feel good at all lately because of this stpd allergy. I got opps earlier & I need to do a video of it but I didn't make it. Sad, it was 15 bucks and I wasted it. Well, I can't do it with my situation I don't feel good. Grrr, I wish I could pass it to my cousin but I can't. I told her I got opp unfortunately it was very quick, it turns to gray right away.
I've been sneezing and sneezing like it never stop. My husband felt bad about me and felt bad of myself too, I tried to take any allergy medecine I have but didn't work. My eyes are so itchy and I have headache already. What a life I have today! :D

I told my husband I want to go out because I need to send money to my family back home. I wanted to send some money to our relatives. I tried to send money online last night but was too late already. My great Uncle passed away few days ago and his funeral was yesterday. Sad to say his family can't afford for everything they need, they owed almost everything for his funeral. So I decided to help even not that much at least I can add for whatever they need. Hopefully it will help them.
My day is miserable with my bad allergies but I'm glad I was able to send some help today.


SweetPinay said...

gurl,unsa imu gi take nga anti allergy?zyrtec sis over the counter naman cya medjo mahal cya pero effective.Not feeling good sad ko today tungod sako sinusitis.

Anonymous said...

hi sis! get well soon! i'll pray for you! take care always!

JAM said...

Thanks mga Sis!!!