I'm still confuse

I didn't do anything special today. I woke up a little bit later than usual because I didn't sleep until 12 midnight. I was being curious last night about SS. I didn't get any email of approval and it's almost two weeks since I registered, add my blog and verified. But last night, I was being curious I tried to go to SS and check on their opportunities and was surprised when I was able to reserved one opps.

I was just trying to grab the opps and it was working. I was so excited and of course happy knowing that I can be able to reserved and saw that I am qualified with some of their opportunities. I was expecting that they'll have to send me an approval notice first before I can grab for their opportunities. Is that means my blog is already been approved? I'm very innocent of this stuff because I'm new and I'm still confuse. I made two posts today and hopefully it'll be approve. Well, I can't wait for their approval and I hope that I'll get more opportunities. ;-)

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