Le Germain Toronto

Toronto is a city that holds wonders in one friendly place: a theatre scene rivaled only by London and New York, more than 80 cultures from across the globe; and attractions that range from high art to rowdy family fun!

In the heart of Toronto's Entertainment District is a new hotel offering a rendezvous with seduction-
Le Germain Toronto. A jewel of modern architecture, Le Germain boasts a two-level lobby of sleek lines, harmonious proportions and an open air concept with warm, inviting colours. The effect is simply quite simply dazzling! Space, freedom, and light blend in a triumphant welcome.

Luxury, refinement and sophistication, combined intelligently, offer you the ultimate red carpet treatment. This is paradise rediscovered, a veritable symbiosis of exaltation and cocooning. Glass, metal, wood, ceramics—the decor is understated yet cozy, inviting the senses to a unique experience. Think only of yourself, feel at home and be pampered. The end of the day brings the crowning touch—plunge into a sea of soft down pillows and feathered comforters for a night of well-deserved relaxation. You can find all these fantastic accommodations only in
Toronto Downtown hotel. Check it out now and make your reservation at GermainToronto.com

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